It was an ordinary evening when I opened YouTube and saw Misha Katsurin’s channel in the recommendations. The video was about his tour of his native Odesa, so I made a few sandwiches so I wouldn’t accidentally choke on my saliva. Then I started watching it.

And somewhere around the fifth minute, THIS happened. An advertising integration.

I have not heard that this integration was nominated for any of the categories, but that’s the way it is. Masterpieces often go unnoticed.

But I watched this integration several times, and I’ll share it with you:

Shall I tell you why it’s so cool? Are you sure?

Okay, here we go.

1. It’s short, it lasts less than a minute.

I believe that when you ask a blogger to make an integration for five minutes, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Few people will watch such an integration in a sane state to the end. Why do you need such long integrations? At best, the target audience will remember one thought. This is enough for 30-40 seconds.

2. Directing, camera, engine.

There is a foreground and a background. Everything happens for a reason. Bloggers have integrated perfectly into the store environment. Just as integration has become an integral part of the main video. Clear text, everyone knows what they are doing. There are no unnecessary actions and unnecessary words.

In short, Comfy is a namber van. This integration is as beautiful as a tulip.